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Think about it, browsers are productive because they let you do many things at the same time. When we use an application inside the browser, we can open that application many times and do different things in each window, not losing our progress on any of them.

Why do we need this?

Traditional applications on your computer often don't have this, other than the ones that need to be productive like a text editor. But why not? When a platform becomes more than just a simple stream of messages like Whatsapp, but more of a versatile tool used every day like Discord where we write and read documentations, attend events, keep up with friends, etc, why not?

Keeping track of where you are at becomes ever more important the more things you do in the same applications. If Discord replaced your whole internet experience by adding webshopping, youtube (they did, actually!) and everything else, it would become cumbersome to use without the ability to multitask.

Flame's solution

So that's why Flame, a platform that strives to be progressive and let you do anything with it, will have Tabs as one of its core features. Tabs can contain anything you're doing in the app just like a browser, whether that's a gallery you're scrolling through for that exact one picture, a message you're writing and nearly finished, or a setting you're in the middle of changing somewhere, Flame will keep track of every open tab's state just like the browser would.

And not just that, tabs are a bit more useful on Flame than on a browser. At a glance, it tells you some basic information about that page. Each different "page" on Flame has some data that decides what is shown in the tab. For example for a chat, it shows the user's details and the last message sent.


We have heard from people that a feature like this is very much needed in communication platforms that do a lot at once. But ultimately this blogpost is to seek out feedback, and what to improve about this feature, so that we can continue to improve it! You can discuss on Github in the comments, or join our Discord server and talk to us directly.

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Published on December 6th 2022 12:37

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