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As a legit company, we have some costs. But how will we make money when Flame is in the air. We have a lot of options and one of them will be a premium subscription.

Features of premium

Our premium subscription model will include some exclusive features. Like special emoji's that you can use. Flame premium will be nothing like Discord nitro. All essential and necessary features will be available for free. This means that you can stream at 1080p for free and also send unlimited text messages. But maybe you want to stream in 4k, then you will need a premium subscription. This is because streaming 4k demands a lot of resources.

Here are some examples of features in premium:

  • 4k streaming, when streaming is available
  • Support Flame's independence, the vision's growth, and our efforts to be a sustainable and green business
  • Early access to all released features, imagine beta tests for tabs or new ways to chat
  • Access to a base set of emojis and stickers when the Marketplace is not yet released
  • Showing off your support with a profile badge

Potential features in the debate:

  • Increased caps as we keep early costs down by limiting users on things like: How many servers they can join, how many roles they can have in their servers, etc
  • Greater control over the customizability of your client (theme, layout)


Important to note is that eventually all the above features will become free features, and you will only have an early supporter badge once it ends. This subscription model is temporarily meant to help us kickstart Flame until it is sustainable.
Also, note that the above are only ensured on Flame-managed instances, and independent instances may or may not offer you these features as a subscriber.
Features noted are not all guaranteed or offered right from the start of the subscription as we introduce them gradually through development.


We don't know the cost of a premium monthly subscription yet. But we can estimate that it will be around $5,- to $10,- for 1 month. You will be able to cancel the subscription monthly. The first month will be free so you can explore the features of Flame Premium and decide if it is something you want.


As an open company, we would appreciate it if you can give us feedback about the premium subscription model. Do you agree with our solution or can we do it another way? What do you think of the premium features and will you buy premium?


Please fill in our survey about the premium subscription model at:

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Published on February 2nd 2023 02:44

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